A-Reece Releases Art Cover For Upcoming Record ‘John Doe’ Feat. Wordz Tha Prince

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A-Reece Releases Art Cover For Upcoming Record ‘John Doe’ Feat. Wordz Tha Prince. He might not be hyping his upcoming album the way people expect him to but Reece is keeping to his promises to give fans more music before the major drop.

Reece hasn’t yet announced the release date of the single he recently teased titled John Doe, also the one of Paradise 2 album. The momentum is building at best, and fans cannot wait for what has kept the Selfish rapper at such a distance.

Speaking on the delay of the release of the album the rapper’s girlfriend assured fans that it’s on final stage.

“Okay so since I see this question coming up a lot I am going to clear the air, the album is on the way. As far as I know they are mixing and mastering,” wrote Jones.

She further revealed that Reece was actually going through a grieving process which affected his career but is soldiering on either way.

“Trust me it’s worth the wait, I am so proud of Lehlohonogolo (Reece’s born name), the past few months haven’t been easy. It’s never losing a loved one. But he is brave and strong, making it possible to give y’all a masterpiece.

“There are gonna be so many exciting things coming along with the album. Just y’all wait and see,” she concluded

For now we get to grace the art of the single that can drop anytime from today featuring another talent Wordz Tha Prince.


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