Adina challenges the status quo; vows to stay with mum till marriage | Ghana Music

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Vocal goddess Adina has challenged the status quo by revealing her resolve to stay with her mother in the home of her upbringing till the day of her marriage as tradition demands.

Unlike other celebrities who feel they have come of age and decide to live on their own, singer Adina refuses to do otherwise by emphatically stating that she still stays with her mother in her house.

The singer, in an interview with host Abeiku Santana, emphasized that she is not leaving her mom’s home until she is married.

According to her, it is not advisable to reside somewhere else on her own because she gets every support and love she needs from her mother.

“She supports me emotionally and spiritually. It’s called motherly love.” Adina noted.

On the side, when she was asked by the host whether she felt pressured by the society to live an exorbitant life, she replied, “I don’t allow the pressure to get to me. I don’t allow it to worry me because I am comfortable in my own skin.”

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