Amazing NASA footage exhibits Perseverance rover setting down on Mars

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NASA at present launched breathtaking new footage from the Perseverance rover’s arrival on the floor of Mars.

The Perseverance rover left for the purple planet on 30 July 2020. After a largely uneventful transit via area, it managed to the touch down on the floor of Mars at 20:55 UTC on 18 February 2021.

Its mission, per NASA:

Seek indicators of historical life and accumulate samples of rock and regolith (damaged rock and soil) for attainable return to Earth.

The rover’s been arduous at work within the purple dust of Mars all weekend and can most likely stay there, properly, ceaselessly. But that received’t cease it from fulfilling its mission to ship samples again to Earth. Once Perseverance obtains the correct samples, the plan is to fireplace them again to Earth in rockets.

But this isn’t slated to occur till a minimum of 2031. In the meantime, the rover’s headed to spots on Mars which are simply too tough to land straight on.

And that brings us to this fascinating video NASA launched at present displaying the rover’s descent to the Martian floor:

For extra data take a look at the Perseverance web page on NASA’s web site here.

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