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California Gov. Gavin Newsom to face recall election this year

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California Gov. Gavin Newsom WILL face recall election this year after 1.7million signatures calling for his ouster are confirmed for only the second time in the state’s history

  • The recall was widely expected after the threshold of 1.5 million signatures required to trigger a recall was passed in April
  • The Republican-led effort to remove Newsom came after backlash from his coronavirus lockdown mandates
  • A majority of California voters say they oppose his removal, according to a recent poll
  • It is the second time among 55 attempts that a recall effort has been successful
  • The first time was in 2003, when Gray Davis was removed, and Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected in his place
  • Republican Caitlyn Jenner announced in April that she will run against Newsom, and is among 50 candidates who have announced their campaigns 







California Gov. Gavin Newsom will officially face a recall election this year. 

The announcement came Wednesday from Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who confirmed that petitioners had collected enough signatures to trigger the recall election, and set in motion the next steps to determine when a date will be set.  

It was expected, after more than 1.7million signatures, passing the 1.5million threshold to trigger a recall, were submitted by late April. 

The announcement comes after the 30-day period allowing voters to withdraw their signatures ended. 

Only 43 people did so.  

California Gov. Gavin Newsom will officially face a recall election this year

Republican Caitlyn Jenner announced her run against Newsom in April. She is among 50 candidates challenging him 

Republican Caitlyn Jenner announced in April her run against Newsom, a Democrat.

The former Olympian is among 50 people who have already announced they will run, including John Cox, Newsom’s opponent in 2018.  

The state legislature has already allocated $215million for the election, and it will be up to the state Department of Finance to estimate its final cost.

After that Lieutenant Gov. Eleni Kounalakis will have 60 to 80 days to set a date for the election. 

This is the second time in state history that an effort to recall a sitting governor has been successful out of 55 attempts, according to Bloomberg

The last was in 2003, when voters removed Gray Davis, and elected Arnold Schwarzenegger in his place. 

The mostly Republican-led recall effort was sparked by backlash against Newsom’s coronavirus lockdown mandates 

The Republican-led effort to recall Newsom was sparked after backlash against his lockdown mandates during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Democratic leaders in the state legislature are pushing for a recall date to be set soon to take advantage of a boost in popularity after the state’s full reopening on June 15, Bloomberg also reported.

A recent poll indicated that a majority of Californians are opposed to recalling Newsom, and that 55% currently approve of his handling of his job overall. 

As part of the recall, voters will be asked whether they want Newsom removed, and if so, who should replace him.   

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