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Lion left bloodied after hour-long battle with buffalo in Zambia

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The beef’s too powerful for me! Lion is left bloodied and battered after buffalo fights it off in hour-long battle

  • WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: Photos of a lion and buffalo preventing for his or her lives
  • The lion attacked the buffalo in a nationwide park in Zambia whereas the 1,900lb beast was ingesting 
  • Matt Armstrong-Ford, 31, from Scotland stood simply 100ft away to seize the bloody battle on digicam


This lion bit off greater than it might chew. 

In an hour-long battle in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia, the 420lb lion clung onto a 1,900lb buffalo, sinking its claws into the animal’s disguise – earlier than it was impaled by the buffalo’s horn. 

The footage have been taken by photographer Matt Armstrong-Ford, 31, from the Isle of Bute, Scotland, who stood simply 100ft away from the motion.

Male buffalos are thought-about to be one of the crucial harmful animals in Africa. Their horns fuse collectively creating a troublesome defend which is named a ‘boss.’ 

Some confer with them as ‘black demise’ or ‘widowmakers’ as they reportedly trample or kill round 200 folks a 12 months.

The lion stares daggers because it takes on the buffalo in bloody fight in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia

The 420-pound lion (proper) launches an assault on the buffalo close to a watering gap

The lion sinks its claws right into a 1,900-pound buffalo’s thick disguise in the course of the hour-long battle

Eye of the buffalo: This is the second the buffalo impaled the lion on its proper horn and lifted it clear off the bottom

The buffalo fees on the lion because it swipes on the bigger beast’s ft

The buffalo fees on the lion with its fused horn-shield often known as a ‘boss’

The lion tries to claw on the buffalo’s muzzle however the bigger animal stands agency

Blood pours over the lion’s face from its wounds because it bits on the buffalo’s muzzle

The lion tries to swipe on the buffalo’s ft, however is not robust sufficient to topple its 1,900-pound foe

The lion seems surprised after the buffalo makes use of its superior weight to knock its attacker down


A valiant closing effort because the lion grabs its opponent’s head from the bottom 

The buffalo had again up from others within the herd who have been capable of overpower the lion

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