Apple is still selling its Intel MacBook Pro and Mac Mini — here’s why

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Yesterday was momentous for Apple. It not only replaced the chipset in its computers (something that’s happened rarely), but it did so with hardware of its own design: the M1. Whether this turns out to be a good or bad move, it’s impossible to argue against its historic importance.

But eagle-eyed Apple followers might’ve noticed something strange: Apple’s still selling the Intel MacBook Pro and Mac Mini on its website.

Considering how quickly Apple discontinues old products when new ones launch, it seems strange that the company wouldn’t simply try and move all its users onto to machines packing its M1 chip.

There is a solid reason though…

Why hasn’t Apple discontinued the Intel MacBook Pro and Mac Mini?

It’s all down to the current limitations of the M1 chip.

If you go on Apple’s site and try to configure a new MacBook Pro or Mac Mini, you’ll notice this:

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