The TattleTales hype may have subsided, but Blac Chyna is still feeling the heat for helping 6ix9ine promote his latest project. Right before the album was set to hit streaming services, photos of Blac Chyna with 6ix9ine were shared to the colorful rapper’s Instagram page. Chyna was nude aside from donning some strategically placed sprinkles, and much like Nicki Minaj, the model mogul was attacked for partnering with the rapper. Chyna addressed the controversy while speaking with L.A.’s popular Power 106 radio station this week.

“I think business is business and if somebody’s talented, they’re talented. I feel like a lot of people should get out of their feelings and get into a bag,” Blac Chyna said. “That’s how I feel about it… If a lot of people stop worrying about the next person then they’ll probably be more successful with anything that they do. I think people need to grow up, stay in your lane, mind your business, make your money, drink your water, eat your fruit.”

Nicki also addressed the naysayers that attacked her for working with 6ix9ine on “Trollz,” telling them that she’s not a person who lives by the code of the streets because she’s not a gangster. Watch Blac Chyna’s clip below.