Cassper Answers If He Is Signing Any New Artists On Family Tree

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Cassper Answers If He Is Signing Any New Artists On Family Tree. Cassper Nyovest decided to grow his music as an independent artist who owns a recording label for full control. As an established artist, upcoming musicians questioned if they can be considered to be groomed by him.

In the dawn of the record label it signed artists such as Tshego, Chad Da Don & Nadia Nakai (the only one remaining). For the other two artists Tshego & Chad – they branched with complaints that their careers in the label weren’t handled to their satisfaction.

In time, Mufasa focused on grooming the now award winning rapper Nadia Nakai. Upcoming musicians questioned if they could as get a chance to be signed by Nyovest. Unfortunately there’s no space for artists now but a possibility for producers.

“Maybe producers but not artist anytime soon. I just wanna be an artist for the next few years. Nadia the only one cause she loyal and she a hard worker who dont wait on me. My studio is almost done so ima be labbing out with a few producers and artists soon,” said Cass.

Family Tree studios are still under construction.

The platinum selling star went on to reply to accusations that he isn’t signing artists because he doesn’t want to be outshined.

“Yall niggas is delusional i swear. Lmao… Yall believe this shit or yall acting for likes ? Haha” he responded.



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