Cassper Shares The Possibilty Of Inventing A Cheap Brand Of Cologne For His Fans

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Cassper Shares The Possibilty Of Inventing A Cheap Brand Of Cologne For His Fans. At this point everyone is witness to how succesfully Cassper runs his businesses, the more he succeeds the more he gets inspired to do more work.

Mufasa recently answered to a fan who questioned him on when exactly he will be dropping his version of a cologne.

“I been playing with the idea. I think I would make something cheap doe & have people smell good at a reasonable price. It won’t be the best quality ingredients but at least the best smelling so you can just keep it in the car or bag. Jusy to apply when you about to enter a room,” he wrote.

The Move For Me rapper revealed his idea after he advised men to bath and normalize smelling nice.

“Gents, invest in Cologne mara most importantly, bath bafethu!!!! Bath, bath bafethu!!! Gotlas ya spana!!!! It’s no use spraying all that fah fah if your body isn’t clean. Are tlhapeng Gents!!! Dankie!!!” Cass advised the gents.

One thing we can always expect from Mufasa is the flexing which he is most proud of.

“I’ll never stop flexing. I worked too hard for me not to flex. Guys hape botselo bo thata!!! We grind hard , only to be told we can’t celebrate our victories. Hell nah!! Keep flexing!!!”


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