With all that has occurred in 2020, when news of a fire at Denzel Washington’s house surfaced, people began to panic. Late Wednesday (November 11) evening, local news stations in California shared information about police and fire crews responding to a call about a fire on Beverly Park Circle in Beverly Hills, Calif. The usually private Oscar-winning entertainer stays out of the public eye aside from his blockbuster film roles and philanthropic work, but now bits and pieces about his home have been revealed.

Los Angeles news station CBS 2 reported that property records show that the 28,887 square-foot mansion belonging to Washington could be seen with billows of smoke exiting the second story of the described “multi-level home.” Firefighters responded to the scene but, there was no fire. It seems that upon inspection, the cause of the smoke was determined to be from “one of several furnaces in the home that was recently serviced and was taken offline.”

The occupants—who haven’t been named in reports—were allowed back into the residence without issue. While fans are happy that this report didn’t involve any tragic news about the actor, they expressed the fright they felt when they saw a headline featuring his name. Check out a few reactions below.