Girl risks her life vaulting level crossing barriers at Essex railway station 

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Shocking moment girl risks her life by climbing over closed level crossing barriers to get something off the tracks as warning lights flash

  • The incident happened at Great Bentley railway station in Essex yesterday 
  • The girl vaulted over the automatic barrier and walked onto the railway tracks
  • She picked up an unidentified object before clambering back over the barrier
  • Fortunately, she was able to climb to safety before the arrival of the train 

A young girl has been criticised by rail chiefs after she vaulted over level crossing barriers to retrieve an item moments before a train passed by.  

The youngster, wearing a red jacket, was captured on dash-cam as she vaulted the 3-ft automatic safety barriers. 

The girl – thought to be about 15 – finds her footing before scampering across the track and crouching down to pick up the mystery item whilst the red warning lights continue to flash. 

This is the moment a young girl vaults over the safety barrier at a level crossing at Great Bentley station in Essex to retrieve an item from the tracks

Despite the threat of an oncoming train, the girl walks out to the middle of the crossing

Despite the threat of an oncoming train, the girl walks out to the middle of the crossing

Despite the threat of an oncoming train, the girl walks out to the middle of the crossing

The girl manages to

The girl manages to

The girl manages to 

She then climbs back over the barriers with a smile on her face and returns to a smiling friend who is holding her handbag for her. 

Other witnesses look on in amazement as the drama unfolds. The shocking 14 seconds of footage, recorded at Great Bentley train station, has led to calls for police to track down the teen. 

The stunned driver said: ‘It was my disbelief in what I’d just witnessed that moved me to post the video. 

‘The crossing in Great Bentley often has a fast train run through in both directions before the stopping train, and she didn’t even seems to look before entering the tracks to collect her dropped item. 

‘Someone needs to educate their daughter on railway safety. Fortunately, there was no fast train to Clacton this morning.’   

Becky Crocker, Network Rail’s community safety manager for Anglia, warned people to be aware of the dangers of trespassing on train tracks. She said: ‘You should never enter the level crossing when the barriers are down even if you have dropped something on the tracks. 

‘A train could be only seconds away, it isn’t worth the risk.’ 

The footage was filmed at about 7.30am yesterday. 

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