Here Is Why Stogie T Is Not Doing Interviews On Hip Hop Controversies

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The hip hop world is a cold one where trust is scarce and fake friends are in abundance however, Stogie whom is very respected for his intellect and opinion is not about to talk to anybody without seeing just how legit they really are.

Many hip hip artists and associates have been screwed over after airing out their dirty laundry and Stogie is staying clear from that kinda drama. The Love And War rapper took to twitter to share why he won’t be engaging in any controversial topics with people that he doesn’t trust.

Stogie stated that in order for him to even give one any time, they would have to hustle hard and get some street credential before he see’s what popping and we’ve seen how some rappers have ended up with egg on their face for engaging in such conversations, so it’s no surprise that he feels this way.

“I am not doing an interview on Hip Hop controversies. Sorry, we gotta trust you before we start airing out laundry to you. Do an artist profile first, have some skin in the game, build before you destroy. Who you” stogie wrote.

By Sinakho Mandla

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