How Samsung Reacted To AKA Swearing At Cassper’s Mum

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How Samsung Reacted To AKA Swearing At Cassper’s Mum. When AKA started spitting swear words at Cassper on a public platform, it didn’t just become an issue between the two of them – to an extent it affected their brands.

On another portion of his interview with Slikour on On Life Radio Cassper opened up about what led to Mega swearing at him with his Samsung deal.

“I’ve been pushed in real life where I felt like you know, fuck the brand let’s do this right now. Fortunately I was around someone who spoke to me all the time, there was always someone calming me down. For two years I was like Tlee (Cass’s Manager) nah i gotta do this and he said you know what I’ll let you do this.

“Having a great team is important. I was woken up by a phone call. The first time he said it to my face Tlee was there, and he stopped me. Tlee held m and said I can’t. When it happened on social media, Tlee was like I can’t tell you what to do but we in the middle of something so please think of that,” said Mufasa.

In addition stated how the SAMSUNG CEO which he is a major ambassador for received and reacted to the news of AKA cussing him out.

“Samsung called Tlee asking what the hell was going on, did Cassper go and say something? So the CEO of SAMSUNG he’s an elderly guy he’s not really like clued up on Twitter and all that, he just saw swear words and my name and he thought I was going off at someone’s mom. So they explained that no no it was the other way around, they were swearing at him and he was like ‘oh okay’ . Then he said “can he not say anything for now” then it kind of blew off then a few weeks later Tlee called me to say ‘do you wanna do this’ and I said definitely,” added Nyovest.

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