Rap-a-Lot Records icon J. Prince is a legend in the music industry. His reputation makes him a businessman who is both respected and feared, so it comes as a surprise that anyone would use his name in order to scam others while thinking they would get away with it. During his recent appearance on Drink Champs, Prince recalled an artist who was taking money from the late Houston icon DJ Screw and saying that it was going to the Rap-a-Lot mogul. However, Prince knew nothing about the exchange.

“Screw was a real intelligent, unique guy, even in the midst of lean,” said Prince. “When I met DJ Screw, DJ Screw was being extorted by an artist that was connected to me. But I didn’t know nothing about the extortion. But I was the one supposed to be extorting him. He was paying an artist monthly because they was connected to me.”

Soon, Prince invited Screw to his office for a meeting and learned of the scam. “He said, ‘Man, you ain’t nothing like they say you are,’ and I’m like, ‘What you mean?’ And he broke that sh*t down to me. He said, ‘Man haven’t you been getting your money?’ I don’t know nothing about the sh*t. There’s a lot of sh*t that go on that I don’t know nothing about. I end up falling in love with Screw.”

When asked about what happened to the unnamed artist who took advantage of Screw, J. Prince said, “Let me say this about him… He dead.” Watch J. Prince on Drink Champs below.