Kweku Greene to be put on Rotimi’s Tunes

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Afro-fusion act Kweku Greene has been hooked on an international compilation deal after his songs maced the attention of Nigerian-American singer Rotimi.

By this, the young artist will have his works featured on Rotimi Tunes, a mixtape that helps to make available songs of budding artistes across the globe.

Compiled by Rotimi, the mixtape will help Kweku Greene get into the western market with his songs and talent by way of a compilation

Kweku Greene will through this compilation have his songs gain grounds on the international scenes and to reach larger audiences.

Together with his management ( Horizon Records GH), Kweku Greene is urging his fans and Ghanaians at large to keep up the support as they keep working hard to deliver their promise of putting Ghanaian music on its deserved pedestal.

They are certain this is the beginning of bigger surprises and a big win for the Ghana music industry.

Kweku Greene is currently out and promoting the visuals for Juju, a sashayed intermediary song brewed in a sanguine environment and aims at creating an inseparable bond between lovers.

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