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The average morning routine of a professional goes thus:

  • 4.30 am: Wake up
  • 4.45 am: exercise
  • 5.15 am: Shower
  • 6.00 am: Emails/Blog reading
  • 6:15 am: Calendar/Meeting planning
  • 6.30 am: Breakfast
  • 7.00 am: Dailies and Magazine

This routine has achieved huge results for many professional over the years, but with the speed of information, pouring out from social media by the minute and the rate at which brands, individuals and governments are getting dragged on the web, there is a need to add Daily digital industry and Market intelligence to your Morning daily routine.

Knowing who made a mistake in your industry (From Last evening till 5.am that morning) and the reaction of customers to that (the level of dragging), who performed well and the reaction of customers to that also, which brand in your market made a mis-step with a regulator and how to avoid this, which brand is gaining better positive sentiments (to take learning from) and which brand is gaining negative sentiment and how to avoid such. Subscribe now

Banking industry insight (Nov 10)


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Consumer Goods insight

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Knowing the influencers driving the conversation in your market is also key learning you need to be aware of daily so if there is a need to amplify your message during the day, you know exactly who to reach out to.

Many assume this is a job for communications team member but No it is a strategic role which you must have an oversight off. What will interest you as a business owner, or C-level executive will be different from what will interest the communications Officer, the failure of your business will be your responsibility. Try this out in your organization, take a single newspaper, read it and make notes of what interests you, pass this same newspaper around your organization and tell team members to make notes on what interests them in the same newspaper, you will see that while it is just one newspaper, the factor interest will vary.

So instead of reading emails and blogs at 6am, add industry intelligence reports to the email and blog reading before reading the dailies. Doing this makes you fully aware and informed on happenings around your market, business, and industry (without missing out on any potential competition), knowing the threats to watch and the opportunity to take during the day. The dailies will now give you the general national news to corroborate what you have read, making you better prepared to be more productive during the day.

Consumer Goods industry insight (Nov 10 2020)

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It used to be very difficult to get Market and competitive intelligence report; you will formerly need to go through trade sources, industry publication, newsletter, directories, SEC filings, conference presentations, industry experts before you can get this intelligence, taking months and before the report is out – it is already too late.

The great news is, all the information needed is now available in near real-time on the web (as just information, not intelligence); So Nairametrics in partnership with leading digital analytics company, Intelligent Interactive Limited, will be crawling the web and delivering Digital/Market intelligence report on your industry directly to your email by 6am every morning, helping you get your day started in the best way possible and adding another layer of productivity insight to your day.

This is a subscription-based service that costs 1,000 daily (25,000 payable monthly). The Report is a must-have for any business or individual interested in increased daily productivity and business sustainability.

The first batch of subscription will end on the 23rd of November 2020. Hurry now Subscribe here

Industry insight ICT November 10, 2020


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