Lil Baby Was Stumped By A Quiz Of His Own Lyrics On TikTok

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The thought of a laid-back rapper like Lil Baby collaborating in a TikTok challenge could seem unlikely, however since one of many newest challenges checks customers on their data of artists’ lyrics fairly than memorizing difficult, air visitors control-esque choreography, it will appear to be he’d have at the very least this one within the bag.

Spoiler alert: [In extremely “Morgan Freeman as narrator” voice] He didn’t have this one within the bag. Confronted with a line from his 2018 track “I’m Straight” from breakout tape Harder Than Ever, Lil Baby was unable to recall the follow-up to “I’m cool on the love and the high-fives / You n***as can’t keep up with my guys,” which ought to have been “You can’t get all this drip in a lifetime.”

Now, to be truthful, rappers forget their lyrics on a regular basis, particularly ones with intensive catalogs like Baby’s (see: Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nas). Despite solely being round for half a decade, he’s gathered the kind of output rappers within the ’90s would envy, with six full-length solo initiatives and two joint albums to his identify in that point (and another on the way). Those albums are additionally very lengthy, and whereas the final development in hip-hop has been to shorten verses and songs general to accommodate shorter consideration spans and the better prominence of streaming, Baby’s fairly endearingly caught to full-length verses with as many as 24 bars at a time.

That stated, it’s nonetheless fairly awkward and humorous to look at a rapper recognized for his lyrical output expertise an entire mind fart throughout a quiz of their very own lyrics, and fairly daring of him to let the TikTokers put him on blast like this. Watch Lil Baby flunk his personal check beneath.

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