“My monthly expenses are different,” Cassper Reveals The Measure Of His Wealth

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“My monthly expenses are different,” Cassper Reveals The Measure Of His Wealth. In the list of the richest rapper we have in South Africa, Cassper Nyovest is on the top 5. In as much as we all know his power moves that have grew his brand to an enormous degree, we not really are we have how much he has.

Speaking to Slikour, Mufasa confirmed that he is not yet wealthy but is rich with huge monthly expenses.

“I’m rich, I am not wealthy, I got money coming in all the time. My rich is not enough I still have worries as to when Covid hit me up I was still building my studio, I am not wealthy I am not that type of dude where if it had to stop right now imma go for the next eight years, I am not there yet, but rich I am. I make a lot of money all the time, I can buy nice things I can do cool things. I maintained my life from March till now without a show. My monthly expenses are different. If I were to disclose that it would make niggas understand that we ain’t playing the same game.

Amademoni also shared the names of two people he looks up to for wealth.

“I look up to Keith Buthongo for wealth, I am working on something am gonna start investing more into property and am not talking about buying houses I am talking in terms of commercial property. Who’s gonna be teaching me more about what he does in terms of entertainment and how to build a brand and push it to the limit is Black Coffee is the guy I look up to,” added Cassper.


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