Nasty C Sheds Light On Steve Biko Track And Why He Refused To Change The Title Of The Song

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Nasty C Sheds Light On Steve Biko Track And Why He Refused To Change The Title Of The Song. Award Winning Rapper Nasty C has had some fairly wonderful lyrical moments. The rapper has a purpose for each musical selection he makes, and one might say. He is kind of sensible!

Nasty C not too long ago launched his ‘Zulu Man With Some Power’ podcast in collaboration with Old Mutual’s AMPD Studios. The Black and White rapper had some actually attention-grabbing visitor options lined up. The first visitor of the Nasty’s podcast was trade nice and ex-rapper Slikour.

The two spoke about quite a few subjects regarding the evolution of hip-hop. Slikour additionally praised Nasty C’s rise to fame within the SA hip-hop trade. The two additionally spoke about Nasty C’s monitor Steve Biko off his Zulu Man With Some Power album.

Slikour started the subject by asking Nasty C about his lyric “Steve Biko, two phrases down deep throat“, he requested if Nasty thought concerning the backlash that that lyric might have potential triggered. Nasty defined that he truly hasn’t skilled the backlash.

“I’ll be trustworthy. First of all, I haven’t skilled this backlash nowhere! But no, I didn’t give it some thought. I didn’t assume that it will be a problem.

When my team started pointing it out, they were like don’t you think we should rename the song? I was like why? Think about all the people that are gonna hear that song for the first time and say that song is dope! Pull out their Shazam and see Steve Biko, oh wait who’s Steve Biko?”, Nasty mentioned.

Nasty continued to say that titling his track Steve Biko was for a larger trigger to get folks to look and discover out who Steve Biko is that if they didn’t know.

He mentions that the track nonetheless, has nothing to do with Steve Biko’s legacy, it’s simply wordplay. Slikour talked about that he doesn’t see anybody else in Nasty C’s technology speaking about Steve Biko.

Check out the primary episode of Zulu Man With Some Power Podcast right here:

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