Nigerian Army shooting Video at #EndSARS Protesters at the Lekki toll gate

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Reports suggest Lekki toll gate protesters are being shot at

Several social media accounts reveal peaceful protesters are being shot at by the military at the Lekki toll gate holdout for the #EndSars protest.

However, in one video seen, a protester who was apparently shot in the leg was being treated by protesters after bullets were removed.

In another gripping image that has perhaps captured the image of these protests, one of the protesters was seen covered in blood while the flag was used to reduce the bleeding apparently from an injury.

This is following an earlier warning by Gidi Traffic on Twitter who had shared a photo of men who identified themselves as government officials. removing the CCTV cameras that are normally stationed at the Tollgate. In revealing these photos, the Twitter user warned protesters to be careful as he suspects that the government might pull something they do not want to be captured

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