Ntukza On Why He Will Stand Up For AKA Any Day

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Ntukza On Why He Will Stand Up For AKA Any Day. Back in 2017 Ntukza and AKA got entangled in a mini beef online which was resolved later on, when Mega came through for the former Teargas star’s during one of his altercations.

Ntukza didn’t specify what altercation Mega  came through for him on but his biggest feuds include the one with Scoop Makhathini and the other with K.O after leaving Teargas. The rapper expressed once how such altercation didn’t have a positive effect on the growth of his career.

“The way AKA stood up for me during an altercation those years ago, is the way I will stand up for him any day of trouble,” wrote the 42 year old adding that he and Mega are stand up guys.

The Gotta Move On rapper may be in good terms with AKA after feuding but he isn’t prepared to let bygones be bygones with Teargas and Scoop Makhathini issue.

“Everyone seemed ok that I was losing my only source of income as a breadwinner. So let’s keep the same energy!” said the iLA star about the Teargas separation.

About Scoop, Ntukza said: “Scoop must watch his stooges & not be surprised if I have to press for him to compensate me for the year he messed for me. For all those positive comments on the GYHO YouTube video, Scoop must pay me money for this continues slender. I’ll open a case against it ama stooge azo mkolekela.”

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