Perth streets on lockdown amid a volley of gunshots

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Perth suburb is plunged into lockdown and locals are told to hide in their homes as a volley of gunshots ring out on a suburban street and man barricades himself in a house

Perth streets have been plunged into lockdown after a volley of gunshots rang out on a quiet street.

Western Australian Police said an active police incident at a residence in Hardy Road near River Road, Bayswater, in the city’s northeast, is currently unfolding.

Local residents are urged to hide in their homes until further notice.    

‘There is a risk to public safety, with reports of gun shots being fired,’ police said.  

‘There is a person inside a house that appears to be armed with a firearm.’

Police and officers from the Tactical Response Group are now attempting to get the gunman out of the home and a police negotiator is also on the scene.

‘We believe a shot, or multiple shots have been fired,’ police said.

‘The street is in lockdown at the moment.’

Police have not confirmed if there is anyone else in the home.

More to come. 

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