ProVerb Reflects On Recieving A Text From Lupe Fiasco

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ProVerb Reflects On Recieving A Text From Lupe Fiasco. After years of polishing up his career to become what he always aspired Proverb had a number of great opportunities knock on his door.

On the rapper’s newly released Biopic The Book Of Proverb, he opened up about a time he received a text from the renowned American rapper, record producer, entrepreneur, and activist Lupe Fiasco.

Recalling the moment Proverb stated that Lupe called to ask how was the Hip hop music in SA. He communicated via twitter.

“Lupe Fiasco, an American rapper and producer once messaged me to ask about the South African hip hop scene and how he could penetrate it. It was perhaps an opportunity to collaborate but instead I redirected him to Slaghius, an annual Hip hop festival that takes place on Freedom Day in Newton, Johannesburg,” he revealed.

He ended off by saying that he is now leaving it all in the hands of the new wave rappers to make best of their time as he did.

“All I can suggest is that the younger generation lead the way, because the future belongs to them. I have nothing left to prove.”

The book can be purchased on various digital stores online price ranging from R240.


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