Psyfo’s Younger Brother Passes On Two Months After Grandmother Died Of Covid-19

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Psyfo’s Younger Brother Passes On Two Months After Grandmother Died Of Covid-19. 2020 has already been ruled out as the year year of the decade, it may he reaching its end but it is sure leaving vivid painful memories to most people.

Former Yo-TV presenter and rapper Sidwell Ngwenya popularly known as Psyfo recently revealed that this he lost his grandmother to Covid-19. To put more salt to the wound, the rapper suffered another loss of a family member, a younger brother whose cause of death he didn’t reveal.

“I lost my grand mother to Covid 2 months ago. My younger brother passed away on Tuesday. Being strong is a skill I am getting tired of,” he wrote.

A number of celebrities came through to share the words of comfort to Ngwenya. Despite suffering the loss of two family members in a short space of time Psyfo hasn’t been too much into the spotlight as he was growing up. The rapper is pursuing interests such as traveling and going back to school.

“Can’t believe I’m going back to school end of the month when I said I was done with school just end of last year,” he shared part of his progress.

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