For generations, there have been stories of music artists and their sometimes messy behaviors at swanky hotels. All anyone needs to do is put their Google fingers to work in order to read through stories of mayhem and madness at luxury resorts around the world at the hands of artists, but Rich The Kid is denying claims that he’s responsible for destroying various rooms at New York’s Roxy Hotel in Tribeca.

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Page Six reported that Rich The Kid and his entourage were asked to leave Roxy Hotel because they were “upsetting staff,” acting “belligerent,” and were “making a mess of rooms.” However, while the outlet has multiple sources that verified those accusations, Rich refuted those claims and in a statement to Page Six, he says that he and his crew were “stereotyped.”

“The narrative being painted of me is completely false. My working staff and me frequently stay at the Roxy Hotel in New York for business,” said the rapper. “We have never had any complaints from the hotel or otherwise of any kind.” The statement added that “alternatively, we have built a rapport with key staff and management at the hotel, who can confirm that we have never had any issues at the hotel.”

Rich The Kid, NoMad Hotel, Roxy Hotel, Page Six
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“To the extent you have received any information that there were issues with the hotel, the only explanation I can give is that my staff and me were unfairly stereotyped,” and “and failed to receive the level of service and respect warranted for the loyalty we have shown the hotel and the money spent here.”

The outlet was told that after being removed from Roxy Hotel, Rich The Kid and his entourage attempted to check-in at the NoMad Hotel but were booted from there as well. When Page Six asked the rapper about those rumors, they claim he only said they didn’t stay at the NoMad and did not explain further.