#SARSMustEnd: Femi Kuti Speaks Against Police Brutality

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Femi Kuti has spoken up against the current police brutality meted out on #EndSARS protesters.

The protest has gone on for days as Nigerians call on the government to end police brutality in the nation.

So far, a couple of deaths have been recorded while several others injured.

Sharing a video on his Instagram handle, the music veteran said he has been fighting oppression by the government for over forty years.

Femi said police officers including the government should be held accountable for every life lost.

Femi Kuti, is the son of music legend and activist, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. In his days, Fela also fought the Nigerian government with his songs.

He constantly spoke against injustice, corruption and oppression.

Watch clip below.

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