Seun Kuti Reacts to Shutdown of Afrika Shrine

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Seun Kuti, son to music legend Fela Anikulap Kuti, has reacted to the shutdown of the famous Afrika Shrine.

“No matter how you react to an oppressor whether you submit to the oppressor whether you resist the oppressor, the oppressor will always oppress, he will not change that part of himself,” Seun said during an interview with Arise TV.

The singer was on air to shed more light on what transpired following his public invitation to a meeting tagged ‘#EndSARS Movement: Lessons and Task.’

He went on to speak on youths taking leadership roles in the country. He explained that to “know how your society is, look at the state of the youths.”

“I think this youths must rule is a copout from those that are the elders of society because the youths don’t have jobs, don’t have money but you want them to build the nation. It is those that have the means that should do the job but they are deflecting it.  

The youths are a reflection of your society not the solution. If you want to know how your society is, look at the state of the youths.”

Nigerian youths protested police brutality for over three weeks. The #EndSARS hashtag trended for weeks.

Although the federal government succumbed to disbanding the the dreaded police unit, Nigerians went on to protest against bad governance.

Watch Seun speak on Arise TV.

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