Sneak Peek: Rachelle Is 16 And Pregnant (With A Nine-Pound Baby!)

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When you are at the tail end of being 16 and pregnant, the unknowns that come with giving birth are a big topic of conversation. And in the sneak peek below, Rachelle is readying herself for the delivery of her daughter and considering how much the doctor believes her mini-me weighs.

“They said we’re having a nine-pound baby,” Rachelle tells her baby daddy Chase. “Do you think she’ll be nine pounds or no?”

Chase’s reply: “I don’t know much about babies. I don’t know if nine pounds is heavy or not.”

How does Rachelle react to her beau’s statement about having a nine-pound munchkin? And is Rachelle planning to receive an epidural when she is in labor? Watch the entire clip, and do not miss this episode of 16 and Pregnant tonight at 9/8c.

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