South Australia’s hated exercise ban will end IMMEDIATELY with the strict lockdown to end Saturday

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Infected contact of pizza bar worker is slammed for LYING to contact tracers – as furious South Australian premier cancels hated exercise ban before lockdown ends

South Australia‘s hated exercise ban will end immediately and the state’s strict coronavirus lockdown will come to a close at midnight on Saturday. 

Premier Steven Marshall announced the eased restrictions on Friday as he slammed the ‘disgraceful’ actions of one positive coronavirus case. 

The premier said one of the close contacts linked to the Woodville pizza bar in Adelaide ‘deliberately’ misled the state’s contact tracing team.

‘Their story didn’t add up. We pursued them. We now know that they lied,’ he said.

‘To say I am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement. 

‘This selfish actions of this individual have put our whole State in a very difficult situation. 

‘His actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups and is completely and utterly unacceptable.’

From Friday, families will now be allowed to exercise in groups. 

Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said South Australia will revert to a series of similar restrictions imposed at the beginning of the week from midnight on Saturday.

Pictured: A pig statue wears a mask in deserted Rundle Mall, Adelaide, on Friday

The update comes after the government updated their essential worker list for lockdown, allowing employees at truck stops and bakeries to leave their home.  

Under the lockdown, all schools are closed, along with universities, pubs, cafes, retail stores, food courts and takeaway food outlets.

Supermarkets, petrol stations, medical centres and other essential services remain open but people can only leave their homes once a day to buy groceries.


The updated list includes:

  • Bakeries that supply baked goods on a wholesale basis (but do not see or supply or sell on a retail basis to members of the public) 
  • Domestic and commercial waste and resource recovery services (including collection, treatment and disposal services and transfer stations), but only those services that are provided to commercial contractors
  • Commonwealth agency services, including Australian Border Force and Commonwealth law enforcement and intelligence agency services
  • Administrative services provided by an employer to enable its employees to work from home 
  • Port operations
  • Truckstops and roadhouses, but not the provision of seated dining or shower facilities to persons who are not truck drivers 
  • Commercial operations that supply goods or services necessary for the implementation of measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 

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