Stop screenshotting, Twitter can now share your tweets to Instagram

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There’s always that ONE friend who posts screenshots of their tweets to Instagram to score some much-needed validation. If you don’t have such friends, you probably are that friend.

Now, Twitter is testing a way to share tweets directly to Instagram. The company announced last night that it’s rolling out this feature to its iOS app for now. When you’ll hit the share button under a tweet, you’ll see the Instagram Stories option pop up.

This feature gets you out of the hassle of taking screenshots and posting them on Instagram. Plus, it saves your phone storage from being clogged with screenshots.

Twitter and Instagram have had a love-hate relationship in the past. Twitter’s co-founder and current CEO, Jack Dorsey, was a fan and a big proponent of Instagram when it launched. He had even advised the company to buy the photo-sharing service. However, as we know, Facebook finally sealed the deal by offering $1 billion.

Years ago, you could cross-post your Instagram photos on Twitter easily, and they’d show up as cards in tweets. However, in 2012, Instagram pulled the support for them in order to redirect more people to its own app and website.

This tweet-sharing feature may be just a minor step, but who knows, in the future, we could see better integration between two social networks.

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