“The best rappers in the world live in America,” Stogie T Explains

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“The best rappers in the world live in America,” Stogie T Explains. When it comes to Hip Hop people judge it based on different perceptions they have of it, it’s a culture that crosses over music and a lifestyle.

Speaking on the culture, Stogie T expressed that America is the only place with the best rappers in the world. He made it clear that learning from Americans is not self-hating especially for Africans.

“To know is to be! The best rappers in the world live in America. You are not being a self hating person by studying the best. Anyone who tells you otherwise capping. Studying a craft involves imitation, immulation & tracing. God made you as you are nobody can take that away,” wrote Stog.

Speaking more on Hip hop he stated that he was sure that Amu had the best album in hip hop for the past year.

“I was so tight that Amu got best Hip Hop album when we were nominated for best Album category!! How Sway? But seeing him up there with the fam and full of joy reminded me of all the work he put into this culture and watching him freestyle outside Le Club. I just felt proud!!!” He added.



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