Another artist is facing serious murder charges, but Lil Loaded is sure that once the facts are presented, he will beat his case. We previously reported that Lil Loaded, real name Dashawn Maurice Robertson, turned himself in to police earlier this week after he was named as a suspect in the shooting death of his friend, 18-year-old Khalil Walker, previously falsely identified as “Khalia Walker” by authorities. It’s reported by The Morning Dallas News that on October 25, police were dispatched to a Dallas neighborhood and upon arrival, they located Walker who had received a gunshot wound to his torso. The teen had been shot with a rifle.

Documents reportedly state that Khalil Walker’s sister was inside a residence when she heard gunshots outside where Khalil and another person were. She told authorities that she saw Lil Loaded, a “family friend,” and the second person standing over her brother’s body as Khalil was laying in the street. She immediately called the authorities and later looked through Khalil’s phone where she claims she found video footage of Loaded shooting her brother.

Khalil Walker was rushed to a local hospital after Loaded and the second person at the scene dropped him off. Later, Lil Loaded reportedly posted a tribute to Walker on his Instagram page where he expressed love for his fallen friend. On Wednesday (November 11), Loaded shared a photo of his mugshot to his Instagram with a brief message where he thanked his fans for their kind words.

“I appreciate all y’all support,” he penned in the caption. “They try to make u look guilty wen u innocent regardless .. we going to get pass this . Rip my brother love u.” Loaded’s bail was set at $500K but has since been reduced to $75K.