Tinder’s new feature lets users chat before they match

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For the first time, Tinder is letting users chat before they match.

The app has launched a game called Hot Takes that connects potential spouses in a speed dating-style game that’s now available every day from 6PM-midnight local time.

Users will first be shown some multiple-choice questions, such as: “Which of these is most pretentious? Bragging you don’t have TikTok, natural wine, saying your found something first, or or Oxford comma enthusiasts.”

Tinder will then drop them into a chat with another user who’s given similar answers.

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The potential spouses can then talk before deciding whether to give one another a “Like” or a “Nope.” want to match with one another. But users will need to make their first impression quickly — they only get 30 seconds to make their choice.

For those of us who prefer a more leisurely pace of courtship, Tinder is also introducing a new section called Explore that provides different ways of meeting people.

Credit: Tinder

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