Towdee Mac Breaks Down The Differences Between Mixtapes, EPs, LPs And Singles

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Towdee Mac Breaks Down The Differences Between Mixtapes, EPs, LPs And Singles. Rapper Towdee has decided to give music enthusiasts and fellow artists a lesson on the definition of projects. This comes after witnessing confusion amongst artists who have referred to their art incorrectly.

TowDee is one of the longest serving musicians in the industry, he hasn’t only work with established artists such as Khuli Chana, HHP and Kwesta but has managed to create his own songs. In the course of his musical journey the aim wasn’t to only gain success but to educate as well.

To shed clarity on the confusion about singles, mixtapes, EPs and LPs he broke down simple definitions.

“EP, in Music Industry terms, originally stands for ‘Extended Play’ Record, referring to the Play Speed of a Vinyl Record in relation to that of its counterparts:
1. The SP ‘Standard Play’ Record and
2. The LP ‘Long Play’ Record.

“The meaning of the term has evolved over the years along with many other aspects of the industry value chain such as music production, product formats and distribution models,” read the first part.

He went on to add about singles, remixes and albums.

“Even the term “Single” no longer means Remixes & Acapellas.
Now we have:
1. the Single (Single Track Release),
2. the EP (4 to 6 Tracks under 30min in Total Duration) and
3. the Album (7+ Tracks over 30min in Total Duration).

“A Mixtape, on the other hand, is more of a promotional giveaway project with unofficial tracks and freestyles on popular beats typically used in Hip Hop as a means to introduce a Rapper to the streets,” he concluded.

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