Towdee Mac Shows Off His Interracial Family, SA Rappers React

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Towdee Mac Shows Off His Interracial Family, SA Rappers React. Rapper and music producer Towdee Mac has shown off his family consisting of an Indian wife and their daughter. The beautiful small family was congratulated by many fellow industry members.

Towdee Mac is not the name that pops up every often in Hip Hop but he has contributed a great share into the industry.

Born name Lerothodi Moag, the songwriter has produced a lot of greatly admired Motswako songs which include The Whole Thing by Morafe, Bereka (featuring HHP) by Morafe, Platinum Visa by HHP and Futhumatsa by Khuli Chana, at least .

The 37-year-old has also worked with artists such as JR, Fifi Cooper, Sean Pages, KidX, L-Tido, Kwesta, Pro, Maggs, Black Les, N’Veigh, Tuks Senganga, Mo’lemi, Stoan Seate, Notshi, Mr Selwyn, Zeus, pH, Max Hoba to mention a few.

“I like all the developments. Everybody in the industry has been forced to learn new tricks and develop new business models. That’s all exciting to me,” he said.

Below is how rappers reacted to the first public image of his Interracial family;

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