Tricky general knowledge quiz covers everything from geography to anatomy

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How good is YOUR general knowledge? Quiz on topics including geography, history and literature will put you to the test

  • Tricky 10-question quiz was shared on US-based trivia website Playbuzz
  • The general knowledge quiz has questions on a variety of topics and subjects
  • Its creator claims the challenge is so difficult that no one will score full marks  

A tricky new 10-question quiz will put your general knowledge to the test. 

The challenge was created by J. Dalvy for US-based trivia website Playbuzz, and is so difficult that the creator claims ‘no one’ has scored full marks.

Topics covered include geography, history, human anatomy and literature so you’ll have to have a broad knowledge base to score full marks.

So, how many can you answer correctly? Scroll down to take the test and check your answers at the bottom. 












1. Kentucky

2. Wellington

3. Acromion

4. Ecuador

5. The Star-Spangled Banner

6. Animal Farm

7. James Bond

8. With A Little Help From My Friends

9. Parliament

10. America

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