Volkano Productions presents AMERIKANA – The First Visual Album created by a Nigerian Artist

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AMERIKANA by KANWULIA is an exploration of identity– an open love letter to the African Diaspora. A reminder to her brothers and sisters scattered around the world, “No matter where you go, never forget where you came from”. Her sound and lyrics are a blend of the power, creativity, and cultural breadth of feeling rooted and at home on two continents. Her lyrics are incredibly nuanced as some would say they contain an element of prayer & prophecy, while others would say they are feel-good party jams.

‘There is something for everyone on this EP”, explained the singer-songwriter in a recent interview at her studio in Atlanta. “If it’s lamba you want, there’s a song for you. If it’s RnB, emotional vibes you want, there is a song for you. If you had a rough week and need a little extra ginger, there is a song for you!

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