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Over the past several years, the company with the most trucking accidents in the United States has been the United Parcel Service (UPS). However, that fact should not lead to them receiving too harsh a judgment. They may have the most accidents, but that is largely related to the fact that they have the most drivers, as they are the largest trucking company in the United States as well as the world.

There are many companies with much worse safety records for their size. With so many small trucking companies out there with less than one hundred drivers on the road, the trucking company with the highest accident rate is hard to calculate, and it most certainly changes from year to year. So, rather than jumping into that haystack searching for a needle, let’s see how the safety records of some of the largest trucking companies stack up against one another.

The Big Seven

In addition to UPS, the other six largest trucking companies in the US are:

  • FedEx Freight
  • Swift Transportation Co.
  • J.B. Hunt Transport
  • Schneider National Carriers
  • XPO Logistics Freight
  • YRC Freight

Together these seven companies account for over 200,000 drivers on the road who rack up nearly 10 billion miles of driving a year. With that many drivers putting in that many miles, it is understandable that they also account for a large number of accidents. Over the past two years, these companies combined, have been involved in nearly 11,000 accidents, with injuries occurring in over 2,600 of those, and fatalities in over 200 instances.

United States Postal Service

Over the past couple of years, the United States Postal Service has the lowest accident to driver rate of the top seven truck companies, with an average of around one accident per 93 drivers. However, they rank fourth in accidents per mile driven, at a rate of approximately one accident per 2.3 million miles driven. If you’re involved in an accident with a USPS driver, you can report it here

FedEx Freight

FedEx is another safety-oriented trucking company with the second-lowest accident rating per driver at around one in 52 and the second-lowest accident rating per mile driven at around one for every 2.7 million miles driven.

Swift Transportation Co.

Swift Transportation Company doesn’t have nearly as good of a record as far as accidents per driver, coming in sixth in that category, with about one in 30 drivers getting into accidents each year. But they don’t do so badly in accidents per mile driven with a rate of one accident for approximately every 2.6 million miles, which puts them third-lowest among the top seven.

J.B. Hunt Transport

J.B. Hunt has the worst record out of this group when it comes to accidents per driver with around one accident for every 26 drivers on the road each year, and they rank sixth in accidents per mile driven at a rate of one accident for every 1.8 million miles.

Schneider National Carriers

Schneider comes in fifth-best in accidents per driver at a rate of one accident for every 31 drivers across the country and is best in accidents per mile driven at a clip of one accident per more than 2.7 million miles.

XPO Logistics Freight

XPO is third in accidents per driver at around one for every 36 truckers but falls to fifth in accidents over distance with about one accident every two-million miles driven.

YRC Freight

YRC sits mid-pack in accidents per driver at around one accident for every 32 employees on the road but is the worst of the bunch when it comes to accidents measured in miles with close to one accident every 1.6 million miles.

Dangerous Roads

The thing all of these statistics point to is that even the companies that do a better job with safety still have plenty of accidents.  If you are involved in an accident with any trucking company, especially one of the larger ones, you should be prepared for a legal battle as they will have lawyers who know their stuff when it comes to truck accidents. Make sure you do as well. 

Please click the link to learn more about issues in a truck accident case that might come up during the settlement process. Knowing what to do before you’re a victim can greatly increase your chances of getting compensation if you’ve been hurt.

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