Which kind of ebike is finest for you?

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One of crucial decisions you should make when shopping for an ebike is whether or not you wish to go for a hub-drive or mid-drive motor. The selection of motor system can considerably have an effect on your journey high quality, and it’d do you nicely to know the variations.

A hub drive motor is the most typical kind of motor you’ll see on cheaper ebikes, with the motor built-in into the entrance or rear wheel. The latter is extra frequent, however just a few ebikes even have motors in both wheels. A hub drive straight applies torque to the wheel, working independently of your bike’s gears.

A mid-drive motor is as a substitute put in between your pedalsand is often discovered on dearer fashions. This kind of motor straight drives your bike’s entrance chainring, so it’s influenced by your gearing.

Let’s break down the professionals and cons for every kind. Keep in thoughts that these are generalizations, and as with many issues in know-how, the precise implementation usually issues greater than the precise {hardware}.

Ride high quality

Because mid-drive motors function on the pedals, they’re usually seen because the extra ‘premium’ choice. The motor’s torque is utilized to the chain or belt, and the journey usually feels extra pure for it.

Because mid-drives are positioned on the middle of the bike and straight beneath you, the bike additionally tends to really feel extra balanced and extra pure to maneuver than a hub-drive ebike, which can are inclined to have weight biased towards the rear or entrance of the bike. A standard remark about hub-drives is that they really feel like they’re pushing (rear hub motors) or pulling you (entrance hubs) alongside.

How a lot will depend on the geometry of the bike; within the case of the front-hub Brompton Electric, for instance, having further weight over the entrance wheel helps it really feel extra secure than its analog counterpart.

Perhaps extra notably, arguably the largest purpose many mid-drive bikes really feel extra pure to journey has little to do with the drive know-how itself. Instead, it’s that mid-drives usually use torque sensors, whereas low-cost hub drives usually solely use cadence sensors. I am going into element concerning the distinction between the 2 sensor sorts in this article, however the gist of it’s {that a} cadence sensor solely detects if and how briskly you’re pedaling, whereas a torque sensor measures how laborious you’re pedaling.

In my expertise, a hub-drive ebike with a superb torque sensor, just like the Juiced CCX, will really feel extra pure to pedal than a mid-drive bike with a poorly carried out one. Some of the most affordable mid-drives, like the favored Bafang BBS02 and BBSHD kits, omit a torque sensor altogether.

The majority of mid-drives, nonetheless, do embody a high-quality torque sensor, and usually win on this entrance.


One of a mid-drive’s largest benefits over a hub drive is that it could actually make the most of your bike’s gears. Electric motors function extra effectively at increased RPMs, and mid-drive motors are usually tuned to function effectively at a pure pedaling cadence. So once you’re pedaling in the suitable gear, the motor can be working in its consolation zone.

All because of this given equal energy and torque, a mid-drive motor will often be higher going up steep hills, assuming you shift to the suitable gear. The means to work collectively along with your gears has different advantages, akin to improved vary, and it contributes to the extra ‘natural’ journey expertise of most mid-drive.

Hill-climbing apart, rear hub motors can’t be used along with most inner gear hubs, which are sometimes common decisions on ebikes for his or her low upkeep and talent to shift from a cease. That additionally implies that if you wish to use a extra sturdy belt drive and nonetheless have gears, you’re out of luck (until you purchase one of many uncommon ebikes with a Pinion gearbox).

Convenience and upkeep

But generally, it’s good to not have to pedal. If you need a throttle on an ebike, you’ll nearly definitely be choosing a hub-drive mannequin. Mid-drive fashions with throttles are comparatively unusual, and having a throttle can partly make up for the dearth of a torque sensor on some hub drives.

On the opposite hand, mid-drives will be extra handy in terms of common upkeep and repairs. If you get a flat tire, eradicating the rear wheel is simply as simple on a mid-drive as it’s on a standard bike, whereas a rear hub might require particular instruments.

Then once more, in case your chain occurs to interrupt whereas on a journey, you’re out of luck with a mid-drive. On a hub drive, the motor straight drives the wheel, so that you’ll be capable of get house simply positive as lengthy you continue to have battery energy. A mid-drive motor can also be extra more likely to break a series within the first place as a result of further torque positioned on the chain.

And whereas I don’t have any agency numbers for this, anecdotally, mid-drive motors usually tend to fail because of their extra advanced development.


Because mid-drive motors function at extra environment friendly RPMs when used along with your bike’s gears, they nearly at all times have higher vary than equally highly effective hub-drives. This is very true when evaluating a mid-drive motor with a torque sensor to a hub-drive ebike with out one.

As a heavier rider, this distinction has been fairly obvious. Anecdotally, a 500Wh battery on a hub drive ebike is often solely good for about 30 miles for me, whereas the identical dimension battery can internet me 40-50 miles for related effort on a mid-drive. In low energy configurations, like on the Specialized Turbo Vado SL or Charge XC, reaching 60+ miles of vary is completely possible.

But once more, there’s some nuance right here too; a torque sensor on a hub-drive will shut that hole considerably, and it’s additionally so much simpler to search out hub-drive ebikes with large 600+ Wh batteries than it’s to search out mid-drives with these specs.

Of course, opting for a bigger battery will then add to the burden, which then makes issues mighty inconvenient in the event you do run out of cost.


There are vanishingly few ebikes with mid-drive motors beneath $2,000, particularly from well-known producers, however there are reasonably priced hub-drive ebikes aplenty.

Hub motors usually are not cheaper as a result of they’re inherently decrease high quality, however fairly as a result of they’re much less advanced, and thus cheaper to make. In phrases of sturdiness, hub motors are simply as sturdy, if no more so, than mid-drives.

While the common mid-drive bike has many benefits over the common hub-drive, the common mid-drive can also be dearer. There are some incredible hub-drive bikes out the too, so it’s best to at all times contemplate how the entire bundle comes collectively earlier than making a purchase order.

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