Why Gigi Lamayne Is Slamming TV For Airing Reality TV Shows About Ancestors

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Why Gigi Lamayne Is Slamming TV For Airing Reality TV Shows About Ancestors. In this day and age there are little limits to what can be found on TV, Radio or social media. Reality of it all is that, certain content displayed isn’t to everyone’s good taste.

Rapper Gigi Lamayne addressed the topic at hand by sharing how she finds it inappropriate to make reality TV shows communicating with ancestors.

“So wait, ancestors love and want the attention and clout on these tv shows ?? I’m sorry, maybe I don’t understand. I know there is awareness but then there is just plain clout . This is sacred. This Must be treated with care and discretion,” Gigi started pouring out.

“If it’s acting on a soapie, let it be that. But reality shows? I don’t know everything but I do know that this according to teachings from our elders is sacred. What happens ephehlweni stays there. It’s like giving a medical degree course to patients on tv. Hayi kanje,” he added.

Lamayne further stated how the journey should be treated with respect and pure discretion.

“Then we find freak accidents happening because people saw something to do with vinegar on tv. Teach the youth that this gift is powerful. It’s valued. It’s discreet. It’s beautiful. I’m bewildered. Teach them to connect. This isn’t a glamorous life. It’s a spiritual one.”

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