Yanga Chief Explains In Detail Why He Wanted To Quit Music After Releasing ‘UTatakho’ Single

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Yanga Chief Explains In Detail Why He Wanted To Quit Music After Releasing ‘UTatakho’ Single. Life as we know it throw a few obstacles our way to test how resilient we can be, award winning rapper Yanga Chief had his trying moments which almost cost him his career.

The 200 rapper revealed in an interview with OkayAfrica that he felt some writing wasn’t as beneficial here in SA as it is in places like the US.

“In South African hip-hop there’s no room for being a songwriter. It’s not like in the States where you can live comfortably from writing songs. For me, songwriting in South Africa is more of a sacrificial act where you’re sacrificing yourself for the good of the music. So that’s another relationship that I have with music, that if I take care of the music, it’ll take care of me. And even when it comes to songs and people have always said, “You’re giving away these songs, whatever, whatever.” For me, it’s like I’ve never given away any song. Any song that has come to me while I was in studio or whatever, and has ended up in someone else’s hands, was always someone else’s song.

“So it’s just when I decided that I’m not going to continue, it was more of the ego and self and physically throwing in the towel. But looking at it now, I needed to get to that point to make a song like “Utatakho.” There are songs you make and they make the greatest mathematical sense, but they just won’t resonate. But the songs that you make with your eyes closed, and just speak, won’t be perfect on paper, but it will resonate to the listener in a way that you had not even intended. So everything just happened the way it did. Even me wanting to quit is just a lesson for other people to learn through my story, I think,” he explained.

Yanga recently released a single BBAF and a link to pre-order upcoming album Pop Star.

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